Bible Challenge

The very first doctrine of The Salvation Army states: We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments were given by inspiration of God; and that they only constitute the divine rule of Christian faith and practice.

It’s a good, basic, fundamental doctrine of Christianity….but how often do you read the Bible? Have you read all of it?

During our ministry here we’ve always encouraged our church to take this doctrine very seriously, and have encouraged this spiritual family to make time at home for daily devotions; when you can read portions of God’s Word and pray. It’s a highly recommended spiritual discipline which helps keep us Christ-centred, nurtures our character, and puts each day into an eternal perspective.

Anyone who has managed to achieve these valuable, quality moments within Scripture will testify to how beneficial it is and how God uses such moments to teach us more about Him, about ourselves, about His love for us, and about His sovereignty over all things. Inevitably this helps us in our daily living as life is given its rightful context.

However, in today’s world where there are so many demands on our time, it can be tempting to let these valuable moments slip by as we get on with our daily tasks and responsibilities, and before we know it our prayer-life begins to suffer too.

It’s very difficult to deepen our relationship with God if we are not taking time aside to pray to Him privately, and listen to what He has to say through His Word on a personal, regular, daily basis. But I know it can also be difficult to get started again in a routine which includes this spiritual discipline without some sort of motivation and support to do so.

Even if you do not attend our church, or even consider yourself a Christian, you are most welcome to join us on the challenge. Simply send an email to to sign up.

Once you sign up you will receive weekly emails starting in March 2013 letting you know the five readings for the week ahead, with links to read the chapters online should you prefer.

More importantly, The Salvation Army UKI's Bible Challenge page gives all the details of this week's readings, as well as maintaining a list of all the previous weeks' readings.